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Welcome to plantbreeding project!

plantbreeding: R Software package for analysis and visualization of data from plant breeding and genetics experiments.


One of the main reasons for developing this package is that develop functions that are interest to plant breeders and geneticists.

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.

Installation and Download:
To install the latest development version of package plantbreeding from R-Forge (if you are running a recent R version), use


Current version 1.1.1
The current version of plantbreeding has fewer functions than 1.1.0 but do not depend upon any other packages.

PDF manual
pdf version of plantbreeding manual can be available on request.

Developer / Maintainer:

The package is developed and maintained by Umesh Rosyara, University of Wisconsin, Madison.The bugs and suggestions can be mailed to the developer rosyara_at_wisc_dot_edu.

The project summary page you can find here.

snap shots of plantbreeding graphs

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